We've had a pretty good start to our program today!

Everybody slept well last night after finishing up that long trip from Belgium. This morning breakfast at the hotel, check out and we met with Capt. Betha at Station #1 to go to SDFD HQ afterwards. We were set to have a meeting with the Fire Chief and his Staff. We were welcomed by Chief Mainar, introduced by Capt. Betha and presented by Carl.

A good meeting which ended with gifts and pictures.

The rest of the morning was filled with a visit to FCC, Fire Communications Center. We were toured by Tracy, thank you!

Terry Powers at Logistics distributed us turnouts, thank you Sir!

The morning ended with a tour at Maintenance by Chief Ester. Thank you Chief!

After lunch, we went to the Union office to go see the President and to buy the first American fire t shirts. Thank you Frank, it was nice seeing you again.

Before getting everyone around, we payed a tribute at the 9/11 memorial at PB station #21.


Another station was added to the list, Fred is re-assigned to #12, home to a Battalion, an Engine, a Truck and a Medic.

After dinner, Carl made his first runs at 10's. Nothing special...a medical call and a call for an illegal fire. All the other guys have been running around too. Good start of the San Diego 2012-program!


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